Digital Scrapbooking
This past month I began using a digital scrapebook program I got for Christmas. It's a wonderful creative outlet and I find it makes things so much easier because you don't have to buy and store all your supplies. I'm so addicted to digital scrapbooking! There's nothing you have to drag out. With digital scrapbooking, you can make invitations, holiday cards, announcements, etc. The best part is if you have to stop for a while, you just hit save and then come back to it when you can!

Another Adoption Entry
Being adopted and having adopted members in my family, I'm urging people looking to adopt to think about International Adaption especially in Haiti because so many children are in danger having had their parents die in the earth Quake. Some people think adopting domestic is better but potential adoptive parents should be advised that children in the American foster system are not necessarily "well taken care of." Moreover, a large percentage of them won't be adopted, won't graduate from high school, and will not receive the treatment they require for their emotional and/or biological issues. A dear and close relative of mine is now doing emergency foster care for three siblings. They arrived at the house with head lice, scabies, dirty hair and nails, and bad hygiene. International adoptions tend to be less expensive than domestic adoptions. This of course depends on the country you wish to adopt from, whether or not you choose to use an adoption agency etc.-International adoptions can range from $7,000 to $30,000."

I haven't been able to fully construct my altar. I am share housing for the next 4 months and find that the only place for it is in the bedroom...which also has my laptop and television so altar work has been on hold for awhile, as I do not like to have electronic devices too close to the work as it might cause interference...Sad

Though, I try to adapt my altar to suit my needs and to make it personal. I have many typical ritual tools that my partner gave me (crystal wand and athame) which represents the god but otherwise I put forth the other tools to suit my uses.

I find that it is easier to go by the basics and then work around it to suit your needs. If you are the one that is performing the ritual, you need to be comfortable with your altar and know it will fulfill your intentions. At least that is what I have always come to terms with.

My brother who is 25 has very little experience with dating women. I mean virtually none, he's kissed a grand total of 2 girls and he hasn't really done anything more than that. The reasons for this aren't really important, suffice it to say that he needed to work on a lot of other areas of his life before he thought about dating.

Well he wants to start dating now and my question is, what would be the best way to deal with this? Do you think he should just tell a girl straight off the bat that he has not a lot of experience and that he wants to take things fairly slowly? Or should he hold off on telling them?

I am leaning towards telling him to tell them straight off the bat because I can gather that it will become painfully obvious fairly quickly that he doesn't really know what he's doing when it comes to dating and by not saying anything it would quickly become the elephant in the room. I would love some female opinions on how best he can handle this, also how would you react if a guy told you he had very little experience.

Where to find great men!
A woman in Female Supreme asked where to find a great sub because many of the men at night clubs seem to be to sexually aggressive. Yah, we like to look pretty and dance the night away feeling happy and uninhibited. Go figure.

Here is what I wrote to her. If anyone else has suggestions, please do add them as a comment!!!!!!!


A lot of guys that go to night clubs are misogynists. Not all. A lot.

Hate to say it but it's true. They think women are beneath them. And yet women frighten them. Why? Guys know their attraction to women makes them feel inferior inside because of the "power of pussy". Excuse the bold word here. (Ya'll never heard of "penis power" right. lol) Anyway, these kinds of guys are in a double bind between their attraction for women and their hatred for women. They hate what the can't have, no matter how much their inbred sense of entitlement tells them differently. For since forever, the majority of men have taken what they wanted from women by force and threats and they don't like the fact that they can't just take or expect what they want. And these types of men are the ones that want to degrade women, because it makes them feel better to degrade the things they desire but cannot have. Combine this with hating what you fear, their sense of ENTITLEMENT which comes from traditional male patriarchy, their immaturity, their pack-like mentality and you got a club full of misogynists. This explains why there is so much anger from guys toward women - fear of a woman's sexuality and a dependence on female approval. I'm talking about some men-a lot of men but definitely not all men.

Besides being raised by aggressive, confrontational and destructive male patriarchal conventions, men grow up feeling incomplete and lonely, struggling with how society tells them they ought to be against their inner feelings. They are emotionally starved. They grow up hearing how they have to be manly and aggressive but deep down alot miss the connection they had with their moms in the early years of their lives. They see women as an extension of their mothers and look for women to fill that role and WHEN the majority of women aren't interested or they simply withhold that kind of love, nurture and attention from them, that they so desperately crave, they get filled with seething anger. It's unfortunate some even think they can force it from her. Plus the fact that they don't have very good social skills or communication skills, adds to the problem.

A thing about patriarchy: aggression, rape, assault, terrorism, oppression. I for one would like to see an end to patriarchalism, it only encourages and fosters aggression and terrorism. Female supremacy fosters growth, unity and empowerment. Women make better managers and planners because they are more diplomatic, empathetic, intuitive and are emotionally stronger. We should leave the hard labor to the men since they are built for labor anyway. Sure there will be a few bad female seeds here and there, but that is nothing compared to the magnitude of destruction and oppression patriarchy has caused.

Back to your OP question: I found my sub at a cooking class I took at a local college. Artistic men, in-tune with their feminine side (compassionate, empathetic, sensitive, etc) make great companions too. Go to your local book store and look for art classes. Try gyms too - yoga. Guys who meditate and do yoga could be worth a try too.


I ended the absolutely best relationship (for the simple fact of a major move) and have been on the market for three months. My girls tell me try this try that. I have to ask anyone know of a good place to meet someone. And no, not Been there done that one!

Someone asked about Minotour. As I said, if you could add some more, pls. do. I don't know too much about the Minotour personally. From what I have read form different sources, Asterion (or Asterius) was the name of the Minotour. His mother, Pasiphae, fell in love with a beautiful, magnificent white bull. She made love to this bull which angered the gods. She gave birth to the Minotour, half man, half bull. From what I've read, he was hideously ugly and abandoned. He grew to hate men and terrorised the isle of Crete. Daedalus was employed by king Minos to make the labyrinth in which the Minotour was trapped. The Minotour was later killed by Theseus.

Here are some links for Wikipedia on Asterion/The Minotour with moer detailed information.

Accoring to Wiki, the Minatour shared the name of King Minos' foster father. Perhaps they wre both called Asterion?

There is an also a very interesting and entertaining fantasy series by Sara Douglass on the Minatour and other characters of the Labyrinth, which spans from ancient Greece to the modern age. It is fiction, though it's really interesting and appears well researched. It's a 4 volume epic called "The Troy Game."

Hades' Daughter (Book 1 - Don't be fooled by the title, Hades himself is barely mentioned, unfortunately! :(
God's Concubine (Book 2) Darkwitch Rising (Book 3) Druid's Sword (Book 4) - I'm halfway through this one at the moment, so anyone who's read it, no spoilers, please!

Hope this was all helpful! Please do add more if you know!!!!!!!!

Sorry I've been gone for a while. I have been really occupied.

I am having a lot of emotional turmoil lately surrounding my closest friend's adoption and subsequently my own adoption. She has an Aunt in her biological family that is giving her grief about her view of family. This is the story.

She tells her that she feels the woman who raised her deserves (and is going to get) the title of Mother. She feels the biological connection is everything. We don't!!! There is so much that is going on here. . . it's incredible.

Maybe open adoption works for other people but she feels cursed by god that she is an adult adoptee who was raised in one. I'm going to try and start her story from the beginning. It pains me to tell it but if it helps someone, it's worth it.

She was told that she was given to her adoptive mother at the age of one month. Her adoptive mother said she met her biological mother through a mutual acquaintance. The mutual acquaintance took her mother to meet her biological mother and she was turned over to her new home during this meeting. No social workers, home studies etc. They met and she was in a new environment.

She has /had 4 brothers and 1 sister. I phrase it this way because 2 of those brothers are dead. One from substance abuse and the other was murdered. She has one living brother who is a drug addict and the other does not hold legal employment. Her sister has a legal job. In short, her immediate biological family is dysfunctional. Actually, as a 48 year old adult, she can see that all of these people were crazy. She's surprised she's sane as she is.

She had to go visit these biological people all of her life. Her adoptive mother (called this for clarity) told her she was not legally allowed to adopt me at first because she was not married. In our state, single people were not allowed to adopt until around the late 60's-70's.

In my opinion, this is a wild story. I am leaving out many details because it (1) pains me to tell it and (2) there are so many details! But I will say what bothers me:

1. From the biological family, THERE IS NO RESPECT FOR THE ADOPTIVE MOTHER. They want to pretend that she does not exist. Because of all that happened, she should be embraced into their family.

2. The biological members of her adoptive mother's family do not and have never considered her a member of their family. They have always been cold and distant with her. When her adoptive mother died, they wanted to refer to her as "Adopted child" in the obituary.

3.She has been constantly told what she should feel about this situation and insists on feeling what she honestly feel about it. AFTER ALL IT HAPPENED TO HER!

4. She finds that most of the people she so called "related" to are less than enjoyable. God help a person who can not get away from their relatives.

She could write pages and pages explaining and telling this tale. She does not like the fact that she is an adult adoptee who was raised in an open adoption.But does however, passionately believe in open records!!! She wants her own adoption records opened. I've heard the argument that it's none of her business. Bill Pearce of the National Council of Adoption told her that to her face at a conference.

i have to continue to write more at a later date. Please ask me questions if you like. There are so many details to this story. I want to be kind to all of you involved in open adoption. I want to be fair to all of you involved. Thanks everyone for listening.

Blink blink
This past weekend I went to the Renaissance Festival. (AWESOME!!!) And I had my cards read---the reader was "on" about sooo much. But she kept saying our daughter was not born yet??? This doesn't make sense!!!!!!!!

Sets of twins in Greek mythology
How many sets of twins, other than these, were there in Greek mythology?


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